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CYCPLUS 2 in 1 150PSI Hand-held USB Rechargeable Automatic Air inflator for All Models Bike Pump

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Battery Capacity:500mAhx4
Charging Mode:USB
Charging Time:2 hours
Inflate Efficiency:Inflate a 26-1.95 mountain bicycle tire from 0 PSI to 60 PSI in 2 minutes
Max Inflating Pressure:150PSI #10.3BAR #990KPA #10.5kgf/cm2
Operation Temperature:-20℃~+60℃
Applicable:All Models Bicycle, Car and Motorcycle (For the car, each time for one car wheel)
About Inflation
1. Connect one end of the air tube to the inflator, connect the other end to the tire valve.
(For the french valve, please install the valve converter at first.)
2. Press the unit button to activate the inflator. The LCD will display the current pressure.
3. Press the unit button can switch the units between PSIBARKPAkgf/cm2 after the inflator is activated.
(The recommended range of pressure can be found on the tire in general.)
4. The + button and the – button are preset buttons for adjusting the target pressure. Press them can adjust the
target pressure slowly. Long-press them can adjust the target pressure quickly. The target pressure will be locked
after the LCD flickers for 4 seconds. Besides, the target pressure can be locked immediately by pressing the unit button.
5. After preseting the target pressure, pressing the power button can start the inflation. Pressing it again can pause
or continue the inflation. The inflation will stop automatically when the target pressure is reached. (If skip Step-3 and
Step-4, the target pressure is the value you preseted last time.)
6. When the air cube is separated from the tire valve, please complete this process quickly to reduce the leakage of the air.
7. The inflator will not work when the target pressure is lower than the current pressure.
About Lighting
1. In the case of the LCD screen is not lit up, pressing the power button will turn on the LED light. Pressing the power
button again will turn off the LED light. This function can be used to replace the flashlight.
2. In the case of the LCD screen is lit up, pressing the power button will light up the LED light and start the inflation. The
LED light will not go out even the inflation is paused. Pressing the power button will turn off the LED light when the inflation is finished.
3. Making full use of the LED light will help to use the air inflator in the dark.
About Charging
1. For the first time or a long time without using, please charge the inflator before using.
2. The charging indicator of the charging cable will turn red during the charging and turn green when the power supply is fully charged.
1. Please check the inflator before the inflation. If find any abnormal, do not use it.
2. If find any abnormal sounds or excessive temperatures during the inflation, please stop using it immediately.
3. After long-time using, both the inflator and the air tube will get hot.Please take a break before using it again.
4. Please ensure the smooth flow of air during the inflation.
5. The compressor in the inflator may produces electric spark at work. Please keep it away from flammable and explosive objects.
6. Please don’t leave to prevent accidents during the inflation.
7. Please try to avoid silt invasion, soaking and bad fall during the using.
8. Harsh chemicals, cleaning agents, detergents and other chemicals are forbidden to be used during the cleaning.
9. Please don’t store the inflator in a cold, hot and humid place. If you don’t use it for a long time, please charge it every six months.
10. Children are forbidden to use the inflator. Please keep it away from children.
11. Please don’t inflate the air into the mouth, ear, eye of the persons or animals.
11. The inflation is not recommended during the charging.
12. The air tube can be stored in the storage hole.
Package Includes
1x#Inflator1x Air Tube
1x Charging Cable
1x Valve Converter

Weight 0.575 kg


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