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Texlabs 20ML Lens Anti-fog Spray Waterproof Rainproof Anit-fog Agent Car Window Glass Bathroom Cleaner Car Cleaning Accessories

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Product name:#Special effect lens antifogging agent
Ingredients:#Anti-fogging agent, surfactant, cassone, purified water, flavor
Size:#2.5×9.5cm / 0.95×3.74 inch
Application scope:#Car rearview mirror, glass lens, myopia glasses, goggles, ski goggles, swimming goggles, etc
1. This antifogging spray is safe and environmentally friendly, non toxic, non irritating and harmless to skin and eyes.
2. The product has high performance, stable chemical property and lasting effect.
3. Suitable for a variety of lenses and glasses to keep the picture clear.
4. Small size and simple operation steps.
5. Pay attention to the use steps and conditions, and take them with you to enjoy a clear vision.
Use Note
1. Clean the inner mirror of the glasses and keep it dry.
2. Apply a thin layer of antifogging liquid to the inner surface of the swimming mirror,and keep it evenly (it is not necessary to apply a lot of antifogging liquid, you can Staine some antifogging liquid on the sponge first, when applying, the sponge head is facing up, and the endoscopic face of the swimming mirror is facing down, so as to avoid bubbles)
3. After the antifogging liquid is cool and dry, wet the inner mirror surface with clear water before swimming (because the antifogging agent is hydrophilic).
4. After long-term use and cleaning, the antifogging effect in the mirror will be reduced. At this time, antifogging agent can be used to enhance the antifogging effect.
5. before spraying the antifogging agent, check whether there is any grease stain in the mirror. If there is, it is necessary to use neutral detergent foam to clean it before spraying antifogging agent.
Package Included
1 x Antifogging agent

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