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DEDEPU 500ml Mini Scuba Diving Air Tank Oxygen Cylinder Diving Equipment 3000PSI / 200bar / 20MPa

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Capacity 500ml / Capacity 350ml /

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Name:Breathing Oxygen Cylinder
Material:Aviation aluminum
Max. Pressure:3000PSI / 200bar / 20MPa
1.Premium Material
The Oxygen Cylinder Set adopts aviation aluminum, standard portable oxygen tank parameters manufacturing, and meet the manufacturing standards of diving equipment.Press and hold the top to release the pressure in the bottle. A manometer shows how much air is available. Silicone mouthpieces, safe and precise, adopt ergonomic design. With the oxygen cylinder, you can breathe about 57 mouths of air on the surface and about 21 times for up to 10 minutes underwater.
If oxygen bottle respirator is delivered without gas, check the high pressure pump before pumping air, assemble according to the instructions, check if the gasket is installed, whether the relief valve is tightened etc. It is different from other oxygen pump, which only need inflate once is fine. Please be patient for two or three minutes, pressure gauge will have changes. It takes about 16 minutes to fill up, Within 3000PSI is the normal range, above 3000PSI could explode.
3.Easy to Use
Diving Oxygen Cylinder set with a pressure gauge, showing how much air there is.Used to show filling small oxygen cylinders with oxygen from the large scuba. Easy to use, diving is easy and you do not have to carry large sports equipment.Simple to operate, making diving become easy, no need to carry large scuba. Small size and lightweight, easy to carry and use. Portable and practical, essential accessory for diving.
-For the first time, practice in shallow water.
-After use, wash the product with clear water.
-When the pointer of the pressure gauge reaches the red area, it rises to the water surface and use it again after inflating it.
– This product is suitable for use in waters above 10 degrees Celsius.
-This product is suitable for recreational scuba gas source within 10 meters. Do not try to use it as a gas source in deeper water.
-This product can be used as a Diving air source for recreational diving within 30 meters.
-Do not use this article separately. It must be accompanied by two or more people.
-Store the product in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not store it in the trunk of a car or at high temperatures.
-Do not disassemble this product at will. Dismantling and unauthorized assembly of this product may damage the product.
-When using this product, you must use an emergency rescue equipment. This product does not provide protection when it is in danger.
-Inflate the product before use and check for damage or leakage. Never use items that are damaged, leaking or showing signs of performance error.
-The maximum canning pressure of this product is 40% PSI, and can not be used for gases that contain more than oxygen. It uses clean and dry compressed air.
-Before using this product, it is strongly recommended that you be trained or certified by a recognized certification body in diving technology. The use of this breathing apparatus by non-certified or trained personnel is dangerous and may cause serious injury or death.
Package Included
1 x Breathing Oxygen Cylinder

Weight 1.25 kg


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